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Videocraft talks Colour Grading with Ben Allan ACS CSI

Videocraft talks with Ben Allan ACS CSI about Colour Grading and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve including the grading panels and monitors including the Apple Pro Display XDR, Sony BVM-HX 310, and Eizo monitors. The 8 part series shows a summary of the topics handled in the workshop including color grading, LUT creation, SDR vs HDR grading, Blackmagic micro panel and mini panel reviews and monitor comparisons.

Video Part 1: Introduction Ben Allan ACS CSI and the influence of Davinci Resolve as an easy access to desktop colour grading. Grading has become a skill that can control colour and brightness and is an essential part of the skillset for cinematographers.

Video Part 2:  Using the panels helps speed up the process which helps as your eyes are constantly adjusting. It is great to keep your eyes fresh.

Video Part 3: Ben comments on his grading method starting with printer lights to start your primary grade.

Video Part 4: Discussing the grade. Ben talks about how to use words when mentioning colour and images. Shading, Contrast, depth and the relationship between them are always hard to discuss without any physical examples or communicating the emotions required. What aspect of the reference image is key?

Video Part 5: The State of HDR in video. Ben discusses the new reality of HDR grading. “More than 99% of the colours that you can display in HDR didn’t exist in SDR ”. It is about tonal subtlety not just about the maximum brightness and contrast. 

Video Part 6: Do we still need a professional grading monitor? Ben Allan talks us through his ideas behind the new screens and how to watch films on mobile phones vs cinema screens.

Video Part 7:  Grading SDR vs HDR and the workflow. Ben talks about the transition time between SDR and HDR and how to deal with it in post production.

Video Part 8: Ben discusses his experience with the Apple Pro display XDR screens and how he uses it both as a user interface display or as a full screen reference.


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