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Reality TV Production with Videocraft

Videocraft specialises in fixed rig reality television production. We can supply end to end full turn key solutions from acquisition including audio to ingest and post production. We have custom designed modular systems that are fast to deploy into any location and rig in any scenario, and have previously deployed systems into complex environments such as hospitals and courts of law as well as more traditional locations like television studios.

Onset with our PTZ Cameras - Reality Television Production

Our reality production systems are designed to have a small footprint without compromising quality or performance. Streamlined production is also a key part of our system with custom user interfaces for audio mixing and stream cutting, enabling producers to take control.

We scale our systems from small productions with only a few cameras to large scale shows with 100’s of cameras. 

Large Scale Reality Television Production with Videocraft

Some of our previous reality projects include:

  • I’m A Celebrity UK
  • Love Island UK
  • Big Brother Australia
  • One Born Every Minute Australia
  • Secret Lives of 4 Year Olds
  • BBC’s Castaway

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