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Our uniquely designed modular production systems allow levels of performance and lightning-fast setup unmatched in the industry. From studio productions to remote outside broadcasts; from sporting events to reality TV, our compact modular production systems include vision mixers, routers, video servers, audio mixers, as well as communication systems and deliver complex high-definition and UHD multi-format broadcasts. Our design and engineering team have ensured that the build quality and speed of rigging and de-rigging of our modular systems is second to none and can be deployed to any location around the world. 

The Modular design ensures we can tailor the system to the best workflow depending on production and budget requirements. We also help clients manage the entire broadcast operation, offering everything from workflow design consultancy, planning through to installation, logistics, technical crewing and onsite infrastructure. Our high-quality, innovative modular production systems are robust and reliable to ensure an efficient production workflow.


Modular Production System Components

Vision Mixer:  Sony MVS 8000G 80 input, 48 out 4ME Switcher with 4 channel MVE8000A DME & MKS8700 VTR/GPI/Tally interface Plus Ross Carbonite eXtreme 144 Input, 144 Output backup switcher and router

Audio: Lawo MC256, 64 Fader Surface, 4 x DSP Cards, 16 Madi Ports, 256 Dante Channels, Fully Redundant Nova73 Core


Lawo MC236, 24 Fader Surface, Internal 512x512 matrix, 128 Channels Ravenna, 128 Channels MADI. Direct out M1k2 1024x1024 Madi router


Yamaha CL5 main desk, 88 Channels, Dante, MADI and analogue interfaces. Yamaha CL1 backup desk, 48 channels, Dante, MADI and analogue interfaces. Direct out M1k2 1024x1024 Madi router

Comms: RTS ADAM-M with Omneo and analogue interfaces, GPI Interface, up to 160 Ports

Camera System: Up to 16 Camera Chains, Choice of HDC2400, HDC4300, PMWF55 Cine Chains

EVS/VTR: Up to 4 x EVS XT3 Channel Max, IP Director Asset Management and XFile3/XSquare File Access

Monitoring: Fully customisable multi-viewer configuration based on user requirements

Processing: Lawo V-Pro8, Riedel MediorNet MicroN, AJA FS2

Control: Lawo Virtual Studio Manager

Routing: Distributed Riedel MediorNet routing system with or Ross Ultrix 72 with 8 Ultriscape Heads

Production: Bespoke control room furniture designed for a premium control room feel, can be deployed from small single tier to large multi-tier facilities




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