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Outside Broadcast with Videocraft


Videocraft specialises in creating smart, reliable and scalable Live Outside Broadcast systems. From live sport to entertainment and reality TV, we have deployed our production systems all over the world, delivering results that exceed expectations. We have designed and built outside broadcast facilities for a variety of reality television programs, entertainment, live sports and e-sports coverage – and understand the importance of a dependable system when you only have one chance to capture the moment. Our team treat every project with the same level of respect and dedication to achieving a successful outcome.

Most importantly, our years of experience in delivering Post-Production solutions to the industry means that we are always thinking about the total workflow, not just the live production. It is this fastidious level of attention to detail that sets our team apart. 


Videocraft Mobile Prodcution Centre

The Videocraft Mobile Production Centre (MPC) is a multi-purpose mobile workspace that can be optimised for a range of needs in live event broadcasting. With minimal reconfiguration, the MPC can be a powerful, compact, six-camera live broadcast truck, a multi-seat mobile edit truck with complete file-based integration to any OB truck in the country, or a large scale EVS recording, playout and workflow management nerve centre for reality TV and large scale sporting events. 

Our ultra-flexible, powerful MPC has been designed to be quickly and easily re-configurable to suit Live OB production, or hybrid live and post-production workflows in ways that save time and money.

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Videocraft Flypacks

Our uniquely designed modular production systems allow levels of performance and lightning-fast setup unmatched in the industry. From studio productions to remote outside broadcasts; from sporting events to reality TV, our compact modular production systems include vision mixers, routers, video servers, audio mixers, as well as communication systems and deliver complex high-definition and UHD multi-format broadcasts. Our design and engineering team have ensured that the build quality and speed of rigging and de-rigging of our modular systems is second to none and can be deployed to any location around the world. 


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