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Ross Furio Remote Control System

Ross Furio Remote Control System

Furio RC is a fully remote and motion controllable robotic camera dolly with complete camera and lens control. It makes smooth, more dynamic and ‘perfect’ looking images possible, enabling creative directors to deliver original, spectacular and more captivating content in a reliable, consistent and cost effective manner. Furio RC consists of a motorized dolly, a telescopic lift, a 2 or 3-axis camera head and a set of operator controls. With fully digital and network controlled servomotors, it offers the capability to track, lift, pan, and tilt the camera by a single operator — from a distance. The track and lift functions are operated by foot pedals while the remote head is controlled by joystick. The system is designed to operate quietly and with precision, even at high speeds.

• Digital control system with touch screen user interface

• Automatic optical end stops

• Adjustable limits on each axis

• Joystick control

• Foot pedal control for track and lift

• Low set-up time: 30 minutes or less depending on track configuration

• Rail system – precision, custom-made extruded aluminum rails available in a range of lengths

Note: The Ross Furio Remote Control System is hired with a Furio Technician/Operator.

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