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Lawo MC56 Audio Production Console

Lawo MC56 Audio Production Console

The second generation of the mc² 56 represents the next step in the evolution of a console that has dominated the audio production industry with hundreds of units in operation around the world. Designed to deliver unrivaled innovation, it provides not just pure and simple access to ultimate performance – it’s a global standard redefined.

The mc² 56 incorporates several groundbreaking features from Lawo’s mc² 96 flagship console, without sacrificing the identity of its predecessors – retaining virtues like compact size, flexibility and versatile design for applications ranging from broadcast trucks and studios to live performance and recording.

For optimized performance within IP video production environments, there is full support for native ST2110, AES67, RAVENNA and DANTE, while Lawo’s revolutionary LiveView feature enables thumbnail previews of video streams directly in the fader labeling displays.

Best-in-class performance in networking applications has been taken to the next level with the addition of unique capabilities such as IP Easy simplified network setup and DSCA Dynamic Surface to Core Allocation. All of this and more, simply reinforces this console’s place as the number one choice within complex IP-based production infrastructures. 

Push the envelope and take your audio production capabilities even further than you imagined with the new mc² 56. Now more than ever, the global standard in audio production consoles.

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