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Zeiss CP.2  Prime Lens Kit

Zeiss CP.2 Prime Lens Kit

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18mm T3.6, 21mm T2.1 ,25mm T2.1 ,28mm T 2.1 ,35mm T2.1, 50mm T2.1, 85mm T2.1,100mm T 2.1 For rent in kit from 6 or 8 lenses.

Covers FF S35. Reasonable priced cinema style lenses with easy to swap lens mounts with standard housing, front diameter, longer focus rotation throughout the range.Due to this design it's fast to change lenses.

These lenses from Zeiss have been the workhorse since 2010 the're based on the Zeiss's ZF photographic lenses and are housed in a cinema style and set friendly housing.


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